Event 3

Event 3 Details


12 min amrap 

20 Partner Deadlifts 365/245lbs 

25 synchro partner burpee over bar 


round 1, each athlete performs 10 pullups round 2, each athlete performs 15 pullups etc


12 min amrap 

20 Partner Deadlifts 265/185lbs 

25 synchro partner burpee over bar 

Ring Rows 

round 1, each athlete performs 10 ring rows round 2, each athlete performs 15 ring rows etc

During Deadlifts and burpees, 2 athletes must work, and 1 athlete rests.

During pullups/ring rows, only 1 athlete can work at a time. The athlete on the pullups/ring rows must complete all required reps before the next athlete can start. Each round the pullups/ring rows will  increase by 5 reps, per athlete. 

Deadlift standard

Both Athletes must lock hips and knees at the top at the same time.

If a consecutive rep is performed, the bar must touch both sides of the ground at the same time before coming back up.

Overlapping hands is not allowed. 

Burpee Standard

In both divisions, athletes can step up and down out of the burpee. In Rx'd the athletes must 2 foot jump over the bar. In scaled the athletes can step over the bar. If an athlete gets no repped on the jump over, they do not need to perform the entire burpee over again, they just need to repeat the jump over the bar.

The 2 working athletes must meet on the floor with their chest touching the floor at the same time for the rep to count. If one athlete raises up before their partner has hit the ground, the rep will not count. Athletes can return to the floor to complete the rep they are on. 

Pullup Standard

During the pullups only 1 athlete will be working. The first athlete must complete all 10 reps before moving to the 2nd athlete and so on. 

This is a chin over bar pullup. The chin should be higher then the vertical plane created by the top of the pullup bar. Strict, kipping and butterfly are allowed. 

At the bottom of the pullup, the athlete must start with straight arms

Ring Row Standard. 

This will be performed with the same format as the pullups. 

The athlete will start with their heels in front of the tape line on the floor. Starting with straight arms, they will pull until their rings touch their chest and return to straight arms. 

Kipping, bending the hip or knees will result in a no rep.