Event 2 Details

Event 2: The Show
This event takes place 5 mins after event 1.

12 mins
Athlete 1: 4 mins to find a 1RM Power Clean
Athlete 2: 4 mins to find a 1RM Hang Squat clean
Athlete 3: 4 mins to find a 1RM Squat clean
Teams will have 1 bar
Only 1 athlete can lift in their 4 minute window.
Score will be the highest combined power clean, hang squat clean and squat clean.
Movement standards and event details will be coming soon.

Athletes will have an unlimited amount of attempts in a 4 minute window to perform their respective lift. The bar can be loaded up or down as desired within the 4 minutes and also between Athletes. 

Resting Athletes can help load the bar.